Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lindsay Lohan: Takes It Off for New York Magazine

Lindsay Lohan is back on the blog again. Every time I think she is finished, she goes and does something that brings her back into the spotlight again. This time she is posing sans clothing for New York Magazine. Ms. Lohan is attempting to replicate the bare poses of Marilyn Monroe. Lindsay also used to try to live Monroe's lifestyle until recently. Lindsay has not been seen in any rehabs lately, nor have any hard partying stories come out lately, now all she had to do is get another movie to star in. Meanwhile heres the pics from New York Mag. and a few others thrown in as well

Lindsay Lohan NY Mag.     Lindsay Lohan channeling Marilyn Monroe

Lindsay Lohan Raw     Lindsay Lohan New York Magazine shoot

Lindsay Lohan blonde layout     Lindsay Lohan back in the news

Lindsay Lohan looking hottie     Lindsay Lohan still doing it

Lindsay Lohan hat & high heels     Lindsay Lohan howling

Lindsay Lohan daisy dukes shorts     Lindsay Lohan see through shirt

Lindsay Lohan cowboy boots     Lindsay Lohan cleavage

Lindsay Lohan pole dancing     Lindsay Lohan bikini top, cutoff shorts

Lindsay Lohan     Lindsay Lohan beach pic

Lindsay Lohan red bikini     Lindsay Lohan tight jeans

Lindsay Lohan out of rehab     Lindsay Lohan's butt


Anonymous said...

I like what Bill Maher said, that she resembles Marylin in that she appears 80 years old and dead!

Anonymous said...

He also said that when Marylin said she did JFK she meant John, not the whole high school!