Saturday, April 22, 2006

Russian Tennis Star Maria Sharapova

Here is the hottest female athelete in the world today. Maria Sharapova, who had a birthday a couple of days ago. She's 19 years old. born on April 19, 1987 in Russia. She is actually from the Siberia region. Maria who has already won Wimbledon, something her Russian tennis counterpart Anna Kournikova never did. (actually Anna never won any major tournament, but that doesn't mean we won't feature her here.
Ok heres Maria.

Blonde Maria Sharapova poses on tennis court with balls     Maria Sharapova sports illustrated bikini shot

Maria Sharapova pulling up short skirt     Maria Sharapova tennis court racquet

Maria Sharapova in pigtails     Maria Sharapova white bikini

Maria Sharapova holds up Wimbledon Trophy     Russian teenMaria Sharapova against net

Maria Sharapova hot pink bikini     Maria Sharapova showing legs on during tennis match

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Legal Anarchist said...

Ultra hotness! Please give us more.

Anonymous said...

fille superbe