Thursday, August 31, 2006

Christina Aguilera In Chaps and other Nice Things.

Christina Aguilera has a new album out. So what better time then now to feature her in a layout. This girl likes to wear some pretty hot outfits, and we have them here. Take a look.

christina aguilera tight blue shiny pants     christina aguilera face

christina aguilera bed     christina aguilera high leather boots, bare stomach

christina aguilera bending over in panties     christina aguilera buffed back

christina aguilera brunette     christina aguilera curly blonde

christina aguilera fishnet stockings     christina aguilera booty

christina aguilera posing      christina aguilera in pool

christina aguilera on beach     christina aguilera getting undressed

     christina aguilera showing boot

christina aguilera leather bikini     christina aguilera yellow chaps

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