Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Antonella Barba: ALL of The Pics

There is a big flap brewing in American Idol Land, seems one of the current contestants, Antonella Barba, has taken some risque photos. Then some other pics came out that were Very very risque, but are they really her. They sure look like her. Don't click on those last 4 thumbnail pics unless you are over 18, and want to judge yourself. It will be interesting to see how this is handled on the show tonight. Here she is Antonella Barba

Antonella Barba cat outfit with friends      Antonella Barba in panties

Antonella Barba pink high heels     Antonella Barba hot lingerie

Antonella Barba t-shirt     Antonella Barba 7 hotties

Antonella Barba on boat     Antonella Barba wet in fountain

Antonella Barba showing body     Antonella Barba pulling down pants

Antonella Barba fountain shot     Antonella Barba American Idol's doll

Antonella Barba naked roses     Antonella Barba poses with friend

Antonella Barba girl kiss     Antonella Barba getting friendly

Antonella Barba on the can     Antonella Barba girlfriend

Antonella Barba Parties with friend     Antonella Barba grind dance with other chick

Antonella Barba flipping off     Antonella Barba on New Years bed

Antonella Barba drinking buddies     Antonella Barba up close and personal

Antonella Barba Is it her?     Antonella Barba snaking out

Antonella Barba bigger then before?     Antonella Barba this buds for you

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