Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Scarlett Johannson 2. Hanging in South Beach

Scarlett Johannson is making her second appearance here at HCPGR. Scarlett recently appeared in the movies The Black Dahlia, and The Prestige. She will also has a slew of new movies coming out including The Nanny Diaries, and Napoleon and Betsy, Scarlett spends a lot of her time hanging out on South Beach. A friend of HCPGR told me that he was chilling on The Beach in Miami one day when he saw a topless girl getting some sun. She knew the lifeguard who was looking out for her. The lifeguard walked her to her car when she left. On the way back he stopped to chat with my friend who informed him that it was Scarlett. If he had a camera the pics would have been worth a lot of cash as Scartlett has not appeared in the raw, although she promised to do a no clothing scene someday. The closest anyone has come so far is snapping Scarlett in a bikini, which we have here along with many other fine pics of one of the hottest Hollywood celebrities on the scene today. (click on thumbnail pic to see full size image)

Scarlett Johannson cute smile black dress     scarlett johannson in pink

Scarlett Johannson in black lingerie     scarlett johannson face shot

Scarlett Johannson red dress     scarlett_johannson laying on the bed waiting

Scarlett Johannson sweet dress     scarlett_johannson fishnets and high heel boots

Scarlett Johannson having a drink     scarlett_johannson model pose

Scarlett Johannson singing white outfit     scarlett johannson skivvies

Scarlett Johannson shows them     scarlett_johannson punk haircut

Scarlett Johannson on her knees     scarlett_johannson blue bikini

Scarlett Johannson cop outfit     scarlett_johannson tight dress

Scarlett Johannson glitter gown     scarlett johannson black boots and gloves

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