Monday, June 18, 2007

Victoria Beckham. Strawberries & Cream

Victoria Beckham a.k.a Posh Spice, seems to be all over the news these days, apparently she has a new single coming out called full stop. Victoria started out with the Spice Girls in the mid '90s. She is also famous for being married to British Soccer Player David Beckham, who recently signed with a Los Angeles team so that the couple could be close to the Hollywood scene. Ms. Beckham has a fashion line out (who doesn't these days) called DVB. She is also known for her slim 23 inch waist, which she claims she keeps that way by eating a lot of Strawberries. I could make a bunch of strawberry/posh jokes right here but I will just leave you with some hot pics of Vic. Here they are

Victoria Beckham     Victoria Beckham looking great

Victoria Beckham dvb fashion show     Victoria Beckham black leather

Victoria Beckham fishnet schoolgirl     Victoria Beckham in shades

Victoria Beckham hotpants gloves     Victoria Beckham showing panties

Victoria Beckham tight white pants     Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham lounging boat coach     Victoria Beckham bringing back hot pants

Victoria Beckham white lace     Victoria Beckham showing off the boot

Victoria Beckham high heels     Victoria Beckham poses for the camera

Victoria Beckham hides nothing     Victoria Beckham wife of david

Victoria Beckham montage     Victoria Beckham aka posh spice

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