Thursday, October 04, 2007

Alessandra Ambrosio GQ Cover Girl

Hot Victoria's Secret Supermodel is on the cover of this months GQ magazine. Alessandra is famous in the fashion world as one of the models who wear the hottest lingerie on the runways every year. GQ has got some nice pics here, (the first three) There is also plenty of others of Miss Ambrosio, in various photo shoots.

Alessandra Ambrosio GQ cover     Alessandra Ambrosio GQ bikini pic

Alessandra Ambrosio beach GQ     Alessandra Ambrosio high heels & swimsuit

Alessandra Ambrosio hot bikini pic     Alessandra Ambrosio pink bikini photo

Alessandra Ambrosio slacks and heels     Alessandra Ambrosio runway shot
Alessandra Ambrosio beach swimwear     Alessandra Ambrosio pink underwear
Alessandra Ambrosio angel     Alessandra Ambrosio teeny top red pants
Alessandra Ambrosio with friends     Alessandra Ambrosio posing on chiar
Alessandra Ambrosio miniskirt     Alessandra Ambrosio supermodel
Alessandra Ambrosio covering up     Alessandra Ambrosio cute pose
Alessandra Ambrosio catwalk fashion     Alessandra Ambrosio in black
Alessandra Ambrosio hot pink bikini     


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Anonymous said...

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