Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yuko Ogura, Cute Japanese Idol, Model, & Singer

Yuko Ogura is a cute, hot model and "Idol" from Japan. Also known as "Princess Apple-Momoka" for a name she was called when she was Younger. Yuko is also a singer and has a hit song called "Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko" which translated means "Girls love Boys" but with a heart instead of the word. I doubt the girls love the boys as much as the boys love Yuko.
She is spectacular, as you can see here. Anyone up for a trip to Japan?

Yuko Ogura Peace sign     Yuko Ogura braided pigtails

Yuko Ogura One piece     Yuko Ogura lingerie

Yuko Ogura leather     Yuko Ogura cute

Yuko Ogura swimsuit     Yuko Ogura bend over

Yuko Ogura In Pink     Yuko Ogura red panties

Yuko Ogura heart top     Yuko Ogura's butt

Awesome Yuko Ogura     Yuko Ogura school girl

Yuko Ogura hat     Yuko Ogura on her knees

Yuko Ogura Japanese idol     Yuko Ogura Japanese idol

Yuko Ogura shy     Yuko Ogura high heels

Yuko Ogura bikini     Yuko Ogura tight top, shorts

Yuko Ogura pink bikini girl     Yuko Ogura posing
Yuko Ogura bare belly     Yuko Ogura drive me crazy
Yuko Ogura Couch     Yuko Ogura from japan
Yuko Ogura Tokyo's finest     Yuko Ogura sweet

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Yuko Ogura