Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hayden Panettiere Newsest Hollywood Wild Child

Hayden panettiere is starting to become the latest wild girl in Hollywood. The star of Hero's is turning into a party girl, who likes hang out with people like Paris Hilton (before her jail stint) and is fond of being photographed sticking her tongue out and licking things. (check the pics below)Hayden was also in Shanghai Kiss, and is to appear in a new movie called Fireflies in The Garden. Hayden is still only 17. She is a rising star in Hollywood, and the party scene Heres some hot photos of Hayden.

Hayden panettiere nice dress     Hayden panettiere pretty face pic

Hayden panettiere bikini pic     Hayden panettiere blows a kiss

Hayden panettiere pumping gas in heels     Hayden panettiere hollywood premier

Hayden panettiere licks herself     Hayden panettiere daisy duke shorts cowboy hat

Hayden panettiere legs spread     Hayden panettiere goes shopping

Hayden panettiere & friends eay lollypops     Hayden panettiere rock and roll

Hayden panettiere     Hayden panettiere black dress and high heels

Hayden panettiere licks statue     Hayden panettiere shows bare stomach

Hayden panettiere young hollywood star     Hayden panettiere and cute friend model bikinis

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