Monday, July 16, 2007

Cameron Diaz Still Hot in Bikini

It's the middle of Summer, and what better way to spend it then at the beach, especially if that beach has a bikini clad Cameron Diaz making it even hotter then it already is. Cameron loves to hit the sand and surf, and is a real surfer. Her body is still extra hot as you will see in these beach pics, along with a few others at the end. Ms. Diaz has been taking it easy doing voiceover work for Shrek, but will be appearing in upcoming movies, "What Happens in Vegas" and "The Box" I;ll leave the jokes to you on that one. Meanwhile enjoy your summer. Hit the beach, maybe you'll run into Cameron.

Cameron Diaz toned back     Cameron Diaz bikini pic

Cameron Diaz plays in the surf     Cameron Diaz adjusts bikini

Cameron Diaz great surfer     Cameron Diaz tight 2 piece

Cameron Diaz hot swimsuit     Cameron Diaz on the beach

Cameron Diaz dives into ocean     Cameron Diaz fixes bikini bottom

Cameron Diaz back shot     Cameron Diaz still hot

Cameron Diaz plays in water     Cameron Diaz loves the beach

Cameron Diaz sand & surf     Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz beach pic     Cameron Diaz surfboard

Cameron Diaz going surfing     Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz silky smooth     Cameron Diaz slathered in oil

Cameron Diaz washes it off     Cameron Diaz showering

Cameron Diaz boots     Cameron Diaz forgot her shirt

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