Monday, August 13, 2007

Charlize Theron Belize Bikini, and More

Charlize Theron, the ultra hot South African model/actress, was just spotted vacationing in Belize, where some photographers got some bikini pics of Charlize frolicking in the water. (first 3 photos) Following those are some other pics of Charlize on the beach and elsewhere. It's amazing what a hair and makeup artist can do, but Charlize looks great either way. You can see Ms Theron in the upcoming film "John Hancock" co-starring Will Smith. In the meantime you can see her right here, right now. (Don't forget to click on thumbnail pic, to see everything, if you know what I mean)

Charlize Theron on the  beach in belize     Charlize Theron paparazzi bikini pic

Charlize Theron playing in Belize     Charlize Theron bikini bottoms only

Charlize Theron posing bare in pool     Charlize Theron 6 feet of prime body

Charlize Theron models black lingerie     Charlize Theron short skirt high heels

Charlize Theron breathtaking face pic     Charlize Theron bent over

Charlize Theron kisses girl in film     Charlize Theron hot movie stills

Charlize Theron thong strap no top     Charlize Theron poses in bath

Charlize Theron legs spread lingerie     Charlize Theron cute face

Charlize Theron pokey scream     Charlize Theron cute shoes

Charlize Theron removes clothing     Charlize Theron with girlfriend beach

Charlize Theron throes of passion     Charlize Theron hot legs woww

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