Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mena Suvari is Shaved

Mena Suvari, The Hot blonde, who started out in American Beauty, is starring in a new movie called "The Garden of Eden" which is adapted from a story by Ernest Hemingway. For her role Mena shaved her head, which you can see in the first picture below. She looks pretty good in her crew cut, but much better with her usual long flowing blonde hair, which you can see in the rest of the pics. Click on the thumbnails where you see the "Sun" for a look at whats behind the "sun"

Mena Suvari shaved head     Mena Suvari crew cut

Mena Suvari shaved for Garden of Eden     Mena Suvari pretty blonde hair

Mena Suvari high heel boots     Mena Suvari on the beach

Mena Suvari bikini and cute shoes     Mena Suvari bare belly

Mena Suvari amazing body     Mena Suvari sweet pose

Mena Suvari bikini     Mena Suvari on fire

Mena Suvari backless dress     Mena Suvari panting on the floor

Mena Suvari pink dress     Mena Suvari exposed

Mena Suvari tight jeans     Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari beach babe     Mena Suvari pigtails

Mena Suvari hot outfit     Mena Suvari's

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