Monday, August 06, 2007

Hilary Duff: Hot Stage Performer

Hilary Duff has been on the road touring her singing stage act this summer, and she is looking mighy fine up there. Hilary has been wearing some revealing short outfits, and driving the guys wild. Here are some pics of Hilary on stage, and after seeing them you may want to check for tickets in your area. In other Duff news, Hilary will be hosting the Teen choice awards on Nickelodeon on August 26, and has been helping to feed the homeless. Looks like Miss Duff is a good girl gone bad, our favorite kind. Heres the Hilary photos.

Hilary Duff short skirt stilleto heels     Hilary Duff long legs

Hilary Duff leather gloves on stage     Hilary Duff working it in concert

Hilary Duff hot stage clothes     Hilary Duff Vinyl pants

Hilary Duff head shot     Hilary Duff halter and heels

Hilary Duff      Hilary Duff bikini black

Hilary Duff cutie     Hilary Duff and hot friend

Hilary Duff     Hilary Duff and backup singer

Hilary Duff pic shot     Hilary Duff showing legs

Hilary Duff jeans and heels     Hilary Duff hot blonde leg warmers

Hilary Duff hair flip fishnets     Hilary Duff sings on stage

Hilary Duff      Hilary Duff bare belly

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