Thursday, August 02, 2007

Elisha Cuthbert: Kidnap This

Elisha Cuthbert. She is famous as the girl in the show "24" that got kidnapped 8 times in one day. 24 centers an entire season on one day, each episode tells what happens in one hour. So 24 episodes equals one day. In one season of the show Elisha got kidnapped 8 times, which means she was kidnapped 8 times in one day. Elisha is moving on to more realistic programming with new movies that she is working on called "My Sassy Girl" and "Cat Tail" both of which will be released soon. Meanwhile here are some pics of Elisha while not in the captivity of some deranged psycho.

Elisha Cuthbert smiling     Elisha Cuthbert shows belly

Elisha Cuthbert hot boots     Elisha Cuthbert white pants and shirt

Elisha Cuthbert knickers     Elisha Cuthbert cute face pic

Elisha Cuthbert dress pose     Elisha Cuthbert fingerless gloves, sexy boots

Elisha Cuthbert & friend in bikinis     Elisha Cuthbert perfect body

Elisha Cuthbert blowing bubbles pigtails     Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert poking through shirt     Elisha Cuthbert gorgeous blonde hair

Elisha Cuthbert all in black     Elisha Cuthbert white panties

Elisha Cuthbert sexy lingerie     Elisha Cuthbert kidnapped again

Elisha Cuthbert snakeskin boots     Elisha Cuthbert 24 hottie

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