Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yasmeen Ghauri: Muslim Supermodel

Yasmeen Ghauri, is a Canadian supermodel, she has appeared reguarly in Sports Illustrated, and Victoria's Secret Catalogues. Yasmeen is the first and maybe only Muslim Model. Yasmeen's relgion calls for women to cover up and not show skin. Ms. Ghauri started modeling at 17 against her parents wishes. She has made Millions and why not, take a look. Here are some fine examples of Yasmeen's work.

Yasmeen Ghauri swimsuit modeling     Yasmeen Ghauri red bikini

Yasmeen Ghauri muslim model     Yasmeen Ghauri beach photo

Yasmeen Ghauri body stocking     Yasmeen Ghauri wet

Yasmeen Ghauri white bikini pic     Yasmeen Ghauri braided pigtails

Yasmeen Ghauri montage     Yasmeen Ghauri silver dress

Yasmeen Ghauri modeling shoot     Yasmeen Ghauri hot

Yasmeen Ghauri cute top     Yasmeen Ghauri victoria's secret

Yasmeen Ghauri covering herself     Yasmeen Ghauri black and white

Yasmeen Ghauri nice image     Yasmeen Ghauri photo shoot

Yasmeen Ghauri canadian super babe     Yasmeen Ghauri looking fine

Yasmeen Ghauri times 2     Yasmeen Ghauri white shirt and skirt

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